Beginning with bales of post consumer natural and mixed color HDPE, our patented technologies transform the plastic into resin pellets and flakes that molders use to produce new bottles and containers.

A Broad Range of Recycled Plastics

Suppliers, molders and consumer product goods (CPG) companies rely on Envision Plastics for a broad range of recycled plastic flakes and pellets including:

  • EcoPrime™ - FDA approved for premium food grade plastics
  • Natural Color
  • Mixed Color utility grade
  • PRISMA™ - Odorless and fragrance free pre-colored premium grade plastics
  • Extended – fillers to reduce cost
  • Enhanced – additives to improve performance or add specific properties

Helping Create Supply Chain Efficiency

If your company’s environmental policy is committed to developing supply chain efficiency and using post-consumer resins (PCR) to reduce your overall carbon footprint, Envision Plastics can help. With our PCR you will:

  • Use less colorant materials with Prisma™
  • Create a cradle-to-cradle life-cycle for milk jugs, water and juice bottles and other plastic packaging
  • Displace virgin resin consumption
  • Maintain high product uniformity and consistency