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Industry Leader in HDPE recycling

HDPE Recycling – A Recognized Industry Leader

Starting with a concept and state of the art HDPE recycling systems, Envision Plastics was formed in 2001 after obtaining proprietary rights and patented technologies from Union Carbide. At the same time, two newly acquired plastics recycling facilities, in Reidsville, NC and in Chino California, provided the manufacturing platforms needed for recycled HDPE resin production. The two facility locations also allowed for ease in distribution to customers from either the east or west coast.

In the last decade, Envision Plastics has commercialized the production of core Union Carbide technologies and improved them to their current industry leading positions. The proprietary patented technologies became:

EcoPrime™ – FDA approved, food grade recycled HDPE

PRISMA™ – Custom color sorted recycled HDPE

A Leader in HDPE Plastics Recycling

Envision Plastics is a recognized industry leader in post consumer recycled polyolefin resins (HDPE). An inert resin, HDPE does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals or allergens.

Our company has built our industry position through superior product quality and value-added product offerings that distinguish what we offer customers from the industry norm for recycled plastics companies. As a result, our portfolio of clients includes premier users of PCR and leaders in the next generation of recycling processes.

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

At Envision Plastics, we are active members of many national, state and local recycling associations.

  • Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers (APR), Executive Board member 2001-present. (APR provides design guidelines for recyclability and critical guidance for innovations and packaging.)
  • Wal-Mart’s supplier value network (SVN), a 150-member group of companies that consult with Wal-Mart creating a truly sustainable packaging scorecard. The scorecard directs consumer product companies on how their package ranks. The ranking determines where the placement of their product goes on the store shelf. Envision Plastics is the only HDPE recycler on the committee.
  • Southeastern Recycling Development Council
  • The Carolina’s Recycling Association
  • National Recycling Association

Contact Us

If you have questions about Envision Plastics or the products and services we offer, contact customer service representative Stephanie Rutan at (678) 250-9020 or send an email. Let us know how we can assist with your PCR packaging design development and production.