Products Overview

Envision Plastics Products

HDPE Products

At Envision Plastics, advanced technology sets us apart as an HDPE products leader. We utilize proven, patented Union Carbide technologies to meet the increased demand in today’s marketplace for sustainable plastic products. Envision Plastics produces safe post consumer HDPE resin that:

  • Does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals or allergens
  • Increases product sustainability ratings
  • Emits 78% less greenhouse gases than virgin resins
  • Reduces material by eliminating the need for colorants
  • Replaces the use of virgin resin
  • Has 100% post consumer recycled content

Premium Grade Plastics

At Envision Plastics, our PRISMA™ technology allows us to produce premium grade plastics colored to your specifications. We also produce EcoPrime™ premium food-grade plastic.

Efficiency and Supply Chain Capability

Our supply chain capability is derived from:

  • A secure steady supply of materials through supply agreements
  • 100 million pounds of HDPE plastic recycling annually
  • Recycling and production plants on the East and West coasts
  • More than 100 Envision Plastics employees work to ensure on-time production and delivery

Contact Envision Plastics

If you have questions about recycled HDPE resins, or the products and services we offer, email Stephanie Rutan or call Envision Plastics customer service at (678) 250-9020. We will be happy to assist you.