HDPE post consumer resins

HDPE Post Consumer Recycled Resins (PCR)

Envision Plastics’ post consumer recycled plastic products include:

  • PRISMA™ – Premium grade plastics colored to your specs
  • EcoPrime™ – FDA compliant food-grade plastics
  • Natural HDPE PCR Resin – Natural color provides coloring flexibility, if you choose color
  • Mixed Color and Black HDPE PCR Resin – Standard colors available, utility grade for economical re-uses

Blend-In Additives Enhance Our Products

We also provide blend-in additives to enhance our products to meet your specific needs. Additives include:

  • Color correctors to minimize colorant usage
  • Anti-oxidants as a processing aid to help recycled resins regain some properties lost in the recycle process
  • Lubricants as a processing aid, typically used in injection molding applications
  • Calcium carbonate as an extender that can reduce costs

PCR Users Rely on Resins From Envision Plastic

Traditional users of our post consumer resins include:

  • Blow molders of bottles (the largest product user segment)
  • Producers of film for paper towel wrap, toilet paper wrap and retail bags
  • Lawn and garden product manufacturers
  • Pipe manufacturers
  • HDPE sheet companies
  • Some injection molding and extrusion manufacturers

Post consumer resin use is limited only by the innovation and imagination of companies that utilize plastic resins in products.

Helping Reduce Energy Usage and Dependency on Foreign Oil Supplies

With Envision Plastics reliable supply agreements, our goal is to help you use 100% post consumer resins in your production, so that we can reduce waste virgin resin products in landfills. PCR helps consumers everywhere use less energy and reduce our dependency on international oil supplies.

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