Food-Grade Post Consumer Resins

Envision Plastics is the only provider of food grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in North America. A Letter of Non-Objection from the FDA, means our food grade plastic, EcoPrime™ is deemed equivalent to virgin resin for specific food, beverage, drug and medical uses.

EcoPrime™ Innovations

  • Meets strict purity standards, through a unique, patented cleaning process, which eliminates all contaminants, without exposing the resin to any chemical treatments or processes.
  • Meets standards required to package vitamins, supplements and herbal medicines, prescription pills, personal care products, frozen foods, milk and juice. Can be used in any food contact application where virgin HDPE resin is currently used.
  • Can be used in flexible packaging for direct food contact.
  • Meets tough sustainability standards certain producers require to meet regulatory compliance.

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Contact Stephanie Rutan, Envision Plastics Customer Service representative at (336) 342-4749 Ext. 233 or email us. We will be happy to discuss EcoPrime™ benefits and how we can meet your FDA food-grade PCR packaging needs.