Natural, Mixed Color & Black HDPE

Natural, Mixed Color & Black

HDPE Resins

Envision Plastics produces a wide variety of resins, including natural, mixed color and black.

Natural HDPE

While you may not need colored resins or have your own process to add colorants, Envision Plastics is still a source for natural color recycled HDPE in flake or pellet form —perfect for processors interested in adding colorant or using our natural color HDPE as is!

Our natural HDPE fits your budget and your needs without the expense of food grade plastics. The natural HDPE production processes we use can develop a usable product quickly and efficiently.

Examples of Natural HDPE Uses

Uses for Natural HDPE include, but are not limited to:

  • The recycled content in many household bottles such as; shampoos, detergents, and cleaners.
  • Green Toys uses our natural resin to make 100% of their toys.
  • Film over wraps for paper towels, toilet paper and retail shopping bags
  • Thick and thin plastic sheets – Thin sheets are thermoformed to make carriers for packaging in the computer industry and thick sheets are made into plastic lockers and bathroom stalls.

Mixed Color and Black Post Consumer HDPE

Whether you have no resin color preference or are only concerned with criteria to meet your sustainability policies, Envision Plastic’s mixed color and black recycled HDPE resins are our most economical product offering for utility grade resins. This utility grade resin is perfect for production of pipe, plant containers and other plastic containers.

Meeting the Demand for Recycled Plastics

At Envision Plastics, our vast network of suppliers ensures that we have the post consumer HDPE we need. We have established business relationships to grow our plastics recycling supply to meet demand.

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For more information about Envision Plastics’ natural HDPE, mixed color or black recycled resins, send an email to Stephanie Rutan or call customer service at (678) 250-9020 to find out how Envision can meet your PCR needs.