PRISMA™ technology



Custom Color Matched PCR

At Envision Plastics, we don’t just recycle the plastic, we recycle the color.

Meeting Your Color Specifications

PRISMA™ technology allows us to produce premium grade plastics colored to your specifications.

Finally, a source of post consumer resins that can reduce your process steps, save material costs and provide better Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) than other natural recycled resin or homopolymer virgin resins — and meets the tough standards of some the world’s largest consumer product companies.

PRISMA™ Benefits

Colorant is one of the more expensive components in plastic packaging. (Check below to calculate colorant savings.)

With Envision Plastics’ PRISMA™ technology, you will:

  • Have one less component to handle since the material is already color correct. No extra colorant to purchase and inventory
  • Save money – a major producer of laundry products saves over $1M a year in colorant cost by using PRISMA™ custom color sorted PCR instead of new resin and new colorant
    • Since PRISMA™ resins provide excellent opacity, you use even less colorant than normal, saving even more
  • Reduce waste by recycling color along with the plastic, not requiring more virgin resin and more new colorant to make a color correct product
  • Get a unique plastic color with our patented color sorting recycling process that can distinguish and sort up to 40 million shades
  • Attain product color consistency
  • Reduce your expensive colorant costs proportional to the amount of PRISMA™ you use to replace your virgin resins
  • PRISMA™ is easily reproducible
  • Save shipping costs in one delivery process
  • Reduced consumer waste by not requiring colorants on virgin resins and not reproducing colors over and over
  • No need to handle the toxic colorants, which we control in our environmentally safe process

Meeting Sustainability Requirements

  • Reduce consumer waste by not requiring colorants of virgin resins and by not reproducing colors over and over
  • No need to handle the toxic colorants, which our environmentally safe process controls

Contact Envision Plastics Customer Service

If you have questions about PRISMA™ or need more information about our products, call Envision Plastics customer service at (678) 250-9020 or you may email us. Assistance is only moments away.

How Much Can You Save, Using Recycled Resin?

Calculate monthly colorant cost – Prime Only vs. Prime with Recycled Resins. Use the Colorant Calculator in the right hand sidebar.