Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastics

Envision Plastics is the technology leader in HDPE recycling with the broadest range of product offerings. We provide HDPE post consumer recycled plastic resins (PCR) to the food, beverage, personal care, consumer healthcare and general purpose industries.

Our post consumer recycled plastic products include:

  • EcoPrime™ – FDA compliant food-grade plastics
  • PRISMA™ – Premium grade plastics colored to your specs
  •  Natural HDPE PCR Resins – Natural color provides coloring flexibility, if you choose color
  • Mixed Color and Black HDPE PCR Resins – Standard colors available, utility grade for economical re-uses
  • Odorless, Fragrance Free PRISMA
  • Extended – fillers to reduce cost
  • Enhanced – additives to improve performance or add specific properties

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