HDPE Packaging

 HDPE Packaging

PCR HDPE Packaging – PRISMA™ | EcoPrime™ | Natural | Mixed Color | Black Utility Grade

Improve your product sustainability rating. Whether you choose standard recycled HDPE plastic or EcoPrime™, our FDA compliant recycled plastic for food-grade packaging, you can be sure that your container will be a sustainable product. In fact, Wal-Mart cites recycled HDPE as a preferred material when it comes to packaging.

Sustainability of Recycled HDPE

Easily recyclable, HDPE can be used repeatedly and replaces the usage of virgin resin and expensive colorants. According to the EPA data, recycled plastics account for far less environmental impact than their virgin counterparts.

Environmental Impact

According to a Franklin Associates  Report on Life Cycle Inventory Analysis of Recycled Resins, July 2010, the resources consumed to produce one pound of recycled resin are:

Resources to produce recycled resin

The report also shows that production of recycled resin uses 90% less energy and emits 78% less greenhouse gases than virgin resin.

Calculate Reduced Emissions and Energy Use

Find out how using Envision’s recycled HDPE can reduce greenhouse gasses your company produces. Use EPA’s Recycled Content Tool  to calculate reduced emissions and energy use.

Reduced Material Usage Benefits

Reducing material usage can benefit your bottom line and the environment.

With Envision Plastics’ recycled HDPE packaging, you will use less colorant, thereby reducing the amount of material going into your packaging. If you use 25% PRISMA™ color sorted resin, then you can expect to use 25% less colorant and have 25% post-consumer recycled content.

Customer-driven Sustainable Solutions

Customer needs underpin developing supply chain efficiency. As a member of the Sustainability Packaging Value Network, Envision Plastics is committed to ensuring that bottle producers have the options available to make their product more sustainable. We also work closely with customers to help them meet regulatory or OEM preferred sustainability initiative goals.

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