Packaging as clean as the products inside.

Imagine a 100% US-sourced, curbside-collected, recycled product that is high-quality enough for food, beverages, beauty products, vitamins and more. That’s EcoPrime®. As a versatile alternative to virgin materials, EcoPrime® earned a letter of No-Objection from the FDA for use in rigid and flexible packaging. It can be readily integrated into existing manufacturing processes, so you can keep your promises to customers and the environment.

EcoPrime® prioritizes the health of consumers and the planet with packaging solutions that are clean enough for food, beverages and personal care products.

EcoPrime® offers:

  • Clean innovation: Our patented, chemical-free, cleaning process is designed to eliminate contaminants and produce odor-free, recycled and recyclable resin.
  • Clarity: The EcoPrime® difference is clear, yielding products that are suitable for use in white and natural bottles.
  • Corporate responsibility: Choosing EcoPrime® sends a powerful message to consumers about your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Consumers prefer EcoPrime®

According to research conducted in the U.S., EcoPrime® products, and its mission, resonated with consumers.

  • Those surveyed said EcoPrime® containers put the dairy and bottle companies in the good light.
  • Most consumers would choose a bottle with EcoPrime over the most-preferred bottle shape, if the product was not more expensive.
  • Even individuals who did not identify as eco-conscious felt a responsibility to choose the environmentally friendly choice.